Hachache.com on WAP

Hachache.com family is NOW on  WAP Mobile Browser
* You can check your emails on Hachache.com WAP
* You can Search for Family Tree on Hachache.com WAP
* and Download Games / Applications / Ring tones on Hachache.com WAP

The Links are :
http://hachache.com/mobile http://hashash.com/mobile
http://hachache.com/wap http://hashash.com/wap

*** What's WAP ?

WAP is WEB-enabled cellular telephone.

WAP is Wireless Application Protocol that help to deliver content via wireless communications as MOBILE or wireless PALMS

*** HELP, I don't have WAP:

If you don't have WAP on your MOBILE
and you want to see the link in your PC then
download one of these links =

1. http://www.yourwap.com
(WAP browser with phone simulations)
=>> FreeWare =>> Wireless Companion

2. http://www.opera.com
(Support both WAP and WEB Internet)
= >> Download

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